Our work at Passion Vector

Our work at Passion Vector

Nigeria has about 35 million younger persons aged 18–35, an increasingly alarming unemployment rate, poor human development conditions, and a worsening economic situation. The limited resources and opportunities mean illicit activities or occupations become an attractive path for a considerable percentage of these young persons to survive daily or the only opportunity to live better. Although there are continued interventions, initiatives, and programs run by individuals and organizations to fix these, there still exists a large gap to be filled in creating conditions for success for the average youth.

The only way to go is to tackle a challenge this large is to create high impact initiatives that are sustainable and can scale.

Passion Vector is set up to solve this challenge. We believe in the fundamental idea that if we can partner with successful individuals to inspire and empower the average Nigerian youth, it will be possible to solve the challenge of the unemployed, uninterested African youth at scale.

Every successful person starts with a picture, vision, or goal, something they will go over the odds and challenges to obtain. This is something we have observed is lacking within the disillusioned Nigerian youth, there is the strong absence of a different, brighter future due to the overwhelming nature of their present circumstances.

Our theory on change shows our thinking: We can change the lives of a million young persons if we can partner with 100,000 professionals to spark the engines of internal motivation within them through mentorship, and opportunity creation. The resultant effect of this will be about a 1,000,000 Nigerian youths enabled and empowered to achieve success in spite of their current circumstances. (learn more about our theory of change here)

We’re doing this by focusing on facilitating exposure to relevant mentorship programs, access to opportunities and materials for the personal development and careers of young people in Nigeria.

Our team of volunteer professionals has till now held run online and offline initiatives to meet this end, having reached about 4000 people till date through various platforms and channels, we continue to look forward to partnering with volunteers, organizations, professionals and interested individuals in reaching people in their sphere of influence.

Some programs we’ve held include physical career mentorship sessions, online sharing sessions on Whatsapp, and subsequently on the Passion Vector forum, while all these initiatives are going on, we’ve recently initiated a very impactful scholarship program for youths ranging from SSCE certificate holders to Undergraduates.

The feedback we receive from the participants and beneficiaries of our initiatives continue to spur us and strengthen our resolve, we’re therefore looking to do much more than we have done, this will mean working with more young persons, corporate organizations, secondary schools, university associations, and most importantly, professionals who are willing to volunteer, donate, and partner with us.

I am privileged to lead an amazing volunteer team of professionals at Passion Vector, this team currently comprises of Emmanuel MangOlawale AlashePeculiar ShowaleDamilola Odewumi, and myself. It’s to their efforts and contributions that we have made all the progress we’ve made so far.

Your support is key to us achieving our goals of transforming the lives of a million Nigerian youth, I believe we can count on your help and support going forward. Please reach out to any one of the team members to discuss ways you or your organization can partner with us.



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